Arborist Reports

A professional Arborist Report is fundamental to your landscaping and property 

Whether removing, pruning or preserving trees on your property, an Arborist report is a valuable tool in the proper planning for the long term health of your trees and protecting your property.  Often, new construction requires a certified Arborist report to meet county and Architectural Review Board guidelines.  Jones Brothers Tree Surgeons provides Certified Arborist Reports to both property owners and developers to meet these requirements.

What is an Arborist Report  

An Arborist report is a written, technical report that provides valuable information about the health and condition of specific trees. Issues, damage or areas of concern and the causes of any problems such as pests, diseases or mechanical injury are identified.  The actions to correct or minimize the problem are also provided. Often, these may include site remediation, improving plant health through proper fertilization or treating pests or diseases problems.  Pruning or removal may also be recommended. These reports help determine which trees are to be saved during construction and outline the procedures to protect the trees.  
Our Board Certified Master Arborist, John Snow, has extensive training and experience in tree assessment throughout his 24+ year career as a Master Arborist. As one of the first individuals to achieve the Master Arborist designation, John is uniquely qualified to assist in developing a plan for caring for your trees and your property. John has a degree in Urban Planning and Urban Forestry and a Masters Degree in Business Administration,  John is an advocate for proper tree care and preserving trees with an eye for identifying tree problems and determining the best course of action.