Stump Grinding

As part of our tree removal process, the stump is normally cut as low to the ground as possible. Sometimes you may optionally decide to grind the stump below grade.  Stump grinding is the removal of stumps normally four to six inches below grade.  We typically recommend stump grinding for a variety of reasons.  

  1. Improve aesthetics  - after all who wants to look at that stump in your front yard!
  2. Prepare an area for sod or small shrubs.
  3. Remove possible breeding ground for pests – this is particularly important for pine trees that have been infested with Southern Pine Beetle if at all practical.

Do I have to grind my stump?

Typically stump grinding is an optional service, however some plantations do require accessible stumps to be ground below grade.  We recommend that you check with your plantation.

How deep can you grind my stump?  

Normally, we grind stumps 4-6 inches below but at your request we can grind stumps as deep as 16” below grade.  

I would like to plant another tree in the same spot.  Is that possible?

Unfortunately the answer to this common question is no.  Typically we grind the stumps 4 to 6 inches below grade.  Roots and the heart of the stump below that will remain.  Over time these will rot out and should not be a problem.  You may be able to plant small shrubs or grasses directly in the area where we grind the stump.  We recommend that larger shrubs or trees be moved off-center 2-3 feet.  

What are the limitations of stump grinding?  

First and foremost our stump grinder needs to be able to get to your stump.  Our machine is designed to fit into most areas requiring a minimum of a 36” gate opening. 

Do you haul away the stump grindings?

Our company policy is that we backfill the hole created from grinding your stump with the stump grindings.  These can be used as mulch and spread around your other trees or shrubs. If you would like us to haul away the stump grindings, we can do that for an additional charge.  

What about utilities and my irrigation?

We take every reasonable step to insure that no damage is done to your property, however, Jones Brothers cannot be responsible for damage to unmarked or hidden objects within 18 to 24 inches of the stump such as wires or pipes buried below ground.  We recommend that you contact 811 to have your utilities located and speak with your irrigation service rep to mark your irrigation heads and lines.